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Has been involved in ALL aspects of the Construction Industry for over 25 years both residential and commercial. He is knowledgeable of design, supervision, training, equipment, personal, scheduling, site-inspections, engineering, and representation to municipalities. He is accustomed to working on tight deadlines.


He is accustomed to accepting responsibility and delegating authority: and is capable of working with and through personal at all levels. He is able to plan, organize, develop, implement, and supervise complex programs and special projects. All of this requires a good sense of humor and a personal dedication to producing timely cost-effective results.


Evan was as well involved in the Gaming Industry for several years. His role in this department was sales, marketing and advertising. He demonstrated the ability with promotional / merchandise design, planning, and implementati





Evan's interests are travelling, camping, and entertaining. Collecting and selling merchandise ( collectibles and antiques ) for over 25 years has always been a passion of mine. I have had the pleasure and enjoyed the company of many, many people over the years which has lead me to start up ANGEL ESTATE SALES!!




   Call Toll Free - (888)-534-9377

   Evan -(778)-269-2207




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